Go Mobile at Your Next Trade Show

March 20, 2012 Published by ontarget
Go Mobile with Apple iPhone apps


Competition is very steep at trade shows; you will need to make it a priority to capture and keep the attention of the attendees. But how can this be done assuming that the attendees already have plans on which booths will complement their interest? The answer is “Go Mobile”.

Mobile technology continues to outburst usability in marketing, even in trade shows. Think about, for example, the impact that QR (quick response) codes have to the adoption of smartphones. QR codes let attendees communicate with the presenters and booths while leaving an impressive first impression.

Instead of reading printed materials like brochures or flyers which are quickly lost or thrown away, attendees could choose the convenience that a QR code can provide. It’s hip and is always in their reach through their mobile phone. What a better way to get your content to the customer?

But how can you maximize the use of mobile interaction to take your trade show to the center stage in the middle of the huge crowd? How can a big pool of attendees know that your trade show stands out from the rest of presenters?

You can try the following tips and see how sorry your opponents will be to have you next to them at the show.

1. Design your own interactive game.

A lot of attendees are seeking something new and fun when they visit trade shows. A game can definitely be your outlet to showcase your brand and leave a lasting impression. If you impress your audience, they may even spread the buzz to their acquaintances for endorsement of your product. Just do not overdo the mechanics or complexity of your game. Remember that mobile technology is user-friendly. The game should be fun, creative, easy to use and be tied to your value proposition.

2. Let your attendees use their devices to interact with your brand

Let your audience interact with your booth and content using their own mobile phones and tablets. Get everyone involved by using polls, text to win contests or even a custom branded application. Make your booth the fun booth with the ability to check-in using social media. This will create a whole buzz for your booth and make it a must stop by on a long list or attractions.

3. Gear your employees for the “show vs. tell” battle.

Make use of what your employees have. Your employee who presents your brand through a tablet or a larger monitor that has access to the attendees’ devices is surely a bull’s eye hit. Attendees are more interested to what they can see rather than to what they only hear.

4. Be dynamic to maximize all the senses.

Dullness is a big no-no. From the booth presentation down to what you have in store, attendees will always look for something that is different, something that will wow them.

You can use all the senses of seeing, feeling and hearing. Start with colors that will compliment your brand, play songs that are really music to the ears and make your attendees feel what your trade show displays by conveying messages that are relative through bigger screens.

Whatever mobile technology you will use, think about how your presentation will live on. Will you need to update your mobile application for the next trade show? Will your game still be applicable to your next set of offerings? Make sure to ask for feedback and give yourself enough time to make edits and improvements.

A benefit to mobile technology is the information you can access and come away with. Find out which techniques your attendees were most interested in by looking at engagement rates. Which features were interacted with for the most amount of time? This will give you great insight on what is popular and what can be improved.

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