Custom iPad Sales Apps

March 13, 2012 Published by ontarget

Custom iPad Sales Apps

Mobile is the fastest growing medium for communication and the sales of tablets continues to increase dramatically; are more and more in the hands the sales department.  At OnTarget we are creating custom iPad sales apps for trade shows that will allow sales teams to present their products to customers. In addition, we can help with strategy, campaign development, and implementation of custom iPad sales apps.

Tablets are expected to out ship desktops AND laptops by 2015!

There’s just something about a well-designed iPad app that really grabs the attention of the customer.  We can help design a good user interface that has high conversion rates and is easy to use for yourself and your customers. We will help develop ideas on how to improve customer conversion and ease of use. Remember OnTarget is an Internet Marketing and Mobile Marketing company. The more interactive and engaging you make the interface the more intriguing it is.

We would love to chat with you regarding a custom tablet application.  This isn’t something to take lightly though.  The interface design and interaction are very important.  We work with you and your team to make sure we create a brand/product experience that works for your sales team as well as your customer.

The following is some recent research that shows the adoption of the tablet device in corporate sales.  This doesn’t mean that they are using a custom application, it merely means they’re using the tablet in-the sales environment.


The following graphs demonstrate the popularity of different tablet devices. Also, the tablet market is not only rapidly expanding but also rapidly becoming very competitive amount different tablet makers. This will require mobile app developers to take that into consideration.



Notice how there are different levels of use among different departments in companies with adoption rates increase across all departments.



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