4 Steps to Generate Leads with Email

March 9, 2012 Published by ontarget


Icon shooting a letter with a slingshot to generate leadsThe most effective marketing method to generate leads continues to be email. A successful email program works very efficiently if managed well. Your email content must persuade your potential clients to open your message, read it in detail and take action.  Here are four tips to help you write persuasive copy that encourages your prospects to become customers.

1. Start with an interesting subject line. Most recipients won’t open your message – that’s a basic email marketing reality – but you can get recipients to open an email with an interesting hook. Keep it short, informative, and informal as though it came from a friend. Make it interesting and get your readers curious.

2. Get straight to the point. Odds are that when your email is opened it will be glanced at, as opposed to read word-for-word. So write your content so that it can be easily scanned and absorbed quickly.

3. Add value to your proposition. Your readers will want to know what’s in it for them. Make reading your email worth a prospect’s time by giving them something with value, like a case study, or a list of tips or something unusual and new to them.

4. Provide a call to action. Don’t expect your receiver to do more than one thing. Include a single, easy to understand call-to-action. Don’t give your recipients options because they won’t be clear on what you really want them to do.

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