5 Case Studies that Prove Inbound Marketing Works

April 11, 2017 Published by ontarget

Companies that Rock Inbound Marketing

If you’re a family owned business or start-up looking to begin the marketing process, you’ve come to the right blog post. Not only will we go over some marketing success stories, but we’ll also delve into how you can replicate their results with the aid of a Kansas City internet marketing agency and inbound marketing tactics. The key takeaway with these case studies is that every business requires different marketing methods to increase their brand awareness and profitability. If you see your goals/business model reflected in one of these scenarios, consider testing out their strategy with your own brand.

1. Debug Pest Control

inbound marketing debug

As far as Search Engine Optimization goes, Debug Pest Control took marketing gold. By combining traditional and digital marketing, they were able to increase their contact rate by 30% and bump up their website traffic by 330% over the last three years. A website overhaul helped with their efforts; landing pages customized for each of their services full of well-written content did the trick for them. These pages weren’t just service-oriented though—they were tailored to match geographical areas, different pests, and different markets (commercial and residential). This made it easy for Debug to be users’ go-to resource for very specific, pest-related problems.

Landing pages that cover every niche make it easy for your site to rank high in ‘long tail’ buyer queries. Even though they might receive less search volume than more general keywords (ie: car, computer, dog, etc.), you receive more conversion when you’re targeting very specific keywords. That’s because people searching those words know what they want and are close to making a final purchasing decision. Long tail keywords also ensure you have less competition with the bigger companies, making them ideal for small business. Instead of trying to rank for ‘water bottles’, you can try to rank for ‘water bottles Kansas City’ to improve your chances of ranking higher.

Debug also utilized Conversion Rate Optimization to test which of their site templates resulted in the most conversions. They found that warm testimonials on their website created trust with their new website viewers, a discovery they made through CRO testing. This testing can be done through companies like VWO.com. More now than ever, people are relying on reviews and social media to give them an honest opinion about a service or product. Because of this, Google’s algorithm isn’t the only marketing tactic that you need to be aware of. This is great news for brick and mortar companies! Debug utilized Google My Business reviews and remarketing to increase their conversions. Check out our blog post on remarketing and market segmentation to learn more about how you can use these tactics in your own campaign. You can also use websites like Mention.com to  track how your brand is being talked about online.

2. Fisher Tank Company

Fisher Tank Company is a testament to how ‘non-sexy’ companies can market themselves to new customers without cold calling or receiving word-of-mouth referrals. Founded in 1948, this full-service welded steel tank fabricator and constructor makes above-ground welded steel tanks for industries like ethanol/bio diesel, industrial, municipal, refining, pulp and paper, water and waste treatment, and more. Since their products are so specialized and sales cycles are so long (12 months to several years), projects can run into the millions of dollars. Their sales come primarily from requests-for-quotes and bid packages. They wanted to utilize inbound marketing to get warm leads for their sales team, so they updated their site to be more visually appealing/SEO friendly. The new look came with calls-to-action and content downloads that were valuable to prospects. These prospects included primary engineers, owners, and project managers. They added a blog with social sharing capabilities, established social media accounts for their company, and optimized their site for long-tail keywords. Their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all regularly updated, so you know that they’re a company that’s really passionate about what they do.

inbound marketing results

3. Manoosh Pizzeria

Manoosh Pizzeria, an Australian-based company  specializing in Lebanese cuisine, boosted their business through some well-played content marketing. With a pre-established brand identity and the reputation to get the word out about their published content, they were the ideal candidate for a content marketing campaign.  The best part about content marketing is that, unlike an ad, it continues to deliver. It drives business as long as it’s drawing traffic to your site and being shared. Not only does it provide great backlinks, but it also establishes you as a reputable source in your industry. You can learn more about content marketing in this blog post. They published original articles that coincided with their brand identity, were released weekly, and covered a range of topics. This inbound marketing tactic is a surefire way to draw in some organic traffic. For Manoosh, topics covered everything from types of food to history to trending topics. One of their articles on Lebanese Bread received 2.8k impressions on Facebook and was shared/liked over 102 times. Another on Zaatar received 108 likes and shares. You can see how these very specified articles would attract the right niche market to their site. If you’re also a food brand, try showing the human side of things. Faces and characters associated with a brand can create a sense of familiarity for your audience. Manoosh accomplished this by working video clips, 80’s cartoons, and memes into their strategy. Their He-Man video was clicked 273 times with no paid advertising and their Monkey Magic subtitles video received 993 clicks and 62 comments/shares. You can even post fun videos of work life that shows off the personalities of the employees. Don’t repeat content too often though, or you’ll bore your audience!

content marketing kanye

4. Genesis Diamonds

Genesis Diamonds is a company that utilized social media marketing to get the word out about their product. The first step to their social media campaign was to establish what they wanted their image to be. They decided on positioning themselves as the voice of authority when it came to designer jewelry and an authority on all things related to that period between buying  a ring and saying ‘I do’. This included everything from shared articles on spring wedding colors to cake designs. They also partnered with blogs that were publishing content related to wedding dress fashion. They gathered inspirational quotes, created artwork based on the jewelry, and shared on social media channels multiple times throughout the day.

It’s imperative to know your audience before creating content. In their case, sales are predominantly related to engagement rings. They utilized the expertise of sale representatives and the customer service manager to develop the persona of their target demographic. This, combined with social media analytics, gave them their marketing sweet spot. Offline, they found that audiences were 20-45 year old men coming into the store looking for engagement rings. Online though, they were bringing in the same age group, but predominantly women. Apparently, women research the ring they want online and mark their favorites in some way (like, comment, share it to their significant others’ wall), so their partner knows which one to buy. They adapted to this information by publishing posts that asked users how they would rank certain rings.

inbound marketing case study

As a result of their inbound marketing campaign, engagement on Genesis Diamonds’ content increased by 200% (engagement defined as likes, comments and shares), and they received 50% growth in followers online, resulting in higher website traffic. For tips on how to keep up with social media marketing in 2017, check out this blog post!

5. PerDiemMax

PerDiemMax, a company that offers an online per diem calculator for airline employees to calculate a deduction in their tax return, began a campaign to increase customer sign ups during the 2013 tax season. Their product is offered and managed entirely online, so SEO played a major part in their campaign. They updated their website for SEO and  invested in Google Adwords advertising during the prime tax season to compensate for the lag time between SEO efforts and net results. Learn more about Search Engine Optimization here. During the 2013 tax season, they researched the best keywords to get conversions and looked at what tactics their primary competitors were engaging in. They also created YouTube and Google+ profiles. Their efforts resulted in a 67% increase in non-branded organic search traffic in the first month of the campaign and a 50% increase in the second month. Their daily conversions jumped by 25% during the AdWords campaign and revenue increased by 35% compared to the same time period last tax season. They also noticed their targeted keywords ranking on the first page, meaning they were drawing in more website traffic. Their inbound marketing efforts created huge results for their company.

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