5 Retargeting Techniques to Consider in Your Marketing Strategy

November 7, 2013 Published by ontarget

The new buzz word around Internet Marketing is Retargeting. When people say retargeting most think of search. Of course search retargeting is the fastest growing type to retarget visitors and has been proven to be a tactic that produces a very favorable ROI but there are other types or re-marketing that are effective.Retargeting Techniques

Search Retargeting

With search retargeting you go after individuals on the search engines that have searched using keywords that pertain to your business. You then serve them banner ads as another way to reach them. This is a very common way to retarget visitors.

Site Retargeting

This is the ability to reach people who have already been to your website but have not converted. Whether the conversion is a sale or a lead this is a very effective way to keep your business at the top of mind with your target.

You can even get creative and see which pages or products a user has viewed and serve them banner ads with that product displayed. This is all attainable by placing tracking pixels on your website.

SEM/SEO Retargeting

SEM/SEO retargeting is closely related to site retargeting and has to do with the search terms used prior to clicking to or arriving on your site. Couple someone’s search term used to land on your site with the actions they take on it and you have given yourself a whole new level of insight into their intent. Use this to refine your creative and perfect your message to them.

Engagement Retargeting

Engagement Retargeting is used when your website has other channels of engagement like games, videos, rich media, etc. Once you can gain some insight into a user’s intent or level of engagement you can serve highly targeted display ads to them.

Email Retargeting

Retarget people based on the actions they have taken on your emails. This allows you categorize people based on engagement of the emails. Someone opening an email should not be treated as someone else who clicked a link, forwarded it, or didn’t even open it at all.

This is a very successful way to keep your business or product offerings top of mind with your target audience. When you combine this targeting capability with an effective creative strategy you will start to see increases in CTR and conversions for your campaigns.

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