SMS Messaging Drives Local Sales for 7-Eleven

May 17, 2013 Published by ontarget

7-Eleven Drives Local Sales7-Eleven is running mobile ads to spread the word about the campaign, which are running inside the Flixster iPhone application. The company is using the presidential election as a way to build hype around a new Slurpee flavor that ultimately builds the company’s SMS database and drives in-store traffic through SMS Messaging. The 7-Eleven Slurpee Peacemaker campaign encourages consumers to take a break from the heated election and chill out with a Slurpee.

Mobile votes 7-Eleven has introduced a new themed slurpee flavor for the political election — Fanta purple for the people vanilla.

The copy for the ad features a photo of the drink’s logo and encourages consumers to tap to learn more about the flavor through SMS messaging.


From there, a landing page gives users options on how to share content through Twitter or email. Users can then click to send content to friends and family with a message attached that encourages consumers to text a keyword to a short code for a coupon.

Keywords including unity, peace, purple and America are being used in conjunction with the short code 711711. Once consumers text in, they are sent a message that they can reply to in order to get the coupon and opt-in to Seven-Eleven’s SMS program.

The goal behind the campaign is to drive consumers in-store to try the new flavor. Therefore, using SMS is a great way for 7-Eleven to drive in-store traffic while also building up its database.

The offer is then sent through a link in an SMS message. The link leads to a mobile site that includes the time-sensitive offer, which is triggered by swiping a finger across the screen. The offers are then redeemable through a bar code that is scanned at the point-of-sale.


Mobile past 7-Eleven has been doing a lot in the mobile space recently.

For example, the company ran two campaigns on Pandora to promote new products and ultimately drive in-store traffic.

Using location to drive in-store traffic is always a smart way for marketers to equip campaigns with an action but can be particularly effective at driving new product awareness.

In this case, 7-Eleven is able to entice consumers to come into a store by attaching a time-sensitive offer to a new product.

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