The Best Ways to Utilize a Marketing Agency

August 25, 2017 Published by ontarget

1. Killing Three Birds with One Stone: SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media

One of the most difficult thing about being a marketing agency is trying to coordinate the different aspects of a client’s marketing campaign. Let’s say we write a blog post that has been SEOd to draw in customers searching for a specific product. Even though it may help with the company’s ranking in Google. They’re not earning any backlinks or added website traffic if they aren’t sharing these posts on their social media account.

Social media, SEO and content marketing all work together to create an efficient marketing campaign. If we’re only being paid to handle one part of that process, the client is missing out on a slew of potential revenue. To take full advantage of your budget, we recommend either signing on for a social media service along with SEO or keeping track of when new posts are added to your site and sharing on social media accordingly. You can use tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to manage and track your social sharing frequency. If you’re adverse to email, Basecamp is a great platform to manage projects between an agency and clients. You can be automatically notified when a new post is put up by your agency.

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2. For Their Tools

Many of the tools a marketing agency pays for may be out of your price range, which is why it can sometimes be more cost-effective to seek outside help. Platforms like SEMRush, for example, have a monthly cost. Same goes for Yoast SEO. It makes more sense for an agency to invest in these systems than a single small business owner. Other tools might allow you to bulk list your business information in directories, track how users interact with your website or create concise reports.

When you sign on with an agency, you can rest assured that these tools are being managed by people who know the ins and outs of these systems. If you don’t have the budget for an agency, you can check out this list of free SEO tools. While most get the job done, we recommend some of the more exclusive tools that can give you a step up from your competition.


3. To Access a Range of Skills

One of the best parts of working for a marketing agency. Is learning new skills from my coworkers in other fields. Since we’re a full service digital marketing agency. We’re able to take perspectives from designers, developers, and SEO experts to produce a well-rounded solution. When we collaborate on a website, for example, we’re able to take an SEO expert’s advice for the content. Plus a designer’s skills for the layout and a web developer’s opinion on the security of the site.

If marketing is something you do in-house though, there are plenty of great resources out there to either become an expert in a new field or ask for some direction. Lynda and Udemy offer informative, video- and text-based lessons on a variety of marketing-related topics. For those in the Kansas City area, certain Facebook groups likes StartupKC, KC Area Local Business Owners, Kansas City Makers and Kansas City Business Connection can be a great resource for entrepreneurs to ask questions. And if you have just a simple question that you don’t trust Google to answer, you can always give your favorite marketing agency a shout on social media. Many agency sites also have blogs that offer great guides to web development, design, paid advertising and SEO.



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