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January 5, 2016 Published by ontarget

Our lead generation software drives measurable leads from your current traditional and digital ads. We can either provide the ads for you or we can work with your current ads.

Our service has been proven in the medical, insurance and financial categories to drive engaging leads of highly qualified potential customers. In fact, every once and a while we’ll get a notice from our clients to stop the faucet until they make internal changes. It’s a good problem that our lead generation software has to deal with.

Our lead generation software makes traditional ads engaging. We assign different keywords to each traditional ad (TV, magazine, sponsorship, busstop, taxi, etc.). The prospect text that keyword to our system and immediately sees a branded mobile landing page with your offer. They enter the required information based on your offer and they immediately receive their quote, survey statistics, etc. Click here to see how it works and how much it costs.

Lead Generation Software That Makes Traditional Ads EngagingA large part of our lead generation software has to do with what we call the “value exchange.” Before someone is going to give you their information they need equal value from you. The important thing to remember is the value has to be from their perception and not yours. We work with you to create that value exchange. We know from our experience what tends to work and what doesn’t.

Most lead generation software companies tend to use whitepapers to generate leads. That can work but if your lead generation software company can only handle whitepapers then that’s all your going to get from them. We understand how important that part is to the customer. We will brainstorm with you and come up with what we think is the most valuable piece of information we can provide to a potential customer.

One of the best value exchange examples we can give is a health insurance company that provides the individual with a general health quote immediately. We have the person enter their age, county they live in, whether they smoke or not and their email address. The immediately see the price they would pay for a specific plan. We email the prospect the information immediately, we send two drip emails with support information, and we immediately send the lead information to your sales team and then provide reporting on the number of leads received from each ad on a weekly or monthly basis.

You might think that your service is too complex to give a quote after filling in a few pieces of information. That’s where we can help. More than likely you will not be able to give that exact individual an exact quote that will not change. They don’t expect you to. Most people just want an idea of how much it might cost. As long as you can state some assumptions and that the actual price may vary based on final discussions your golden. This equation has been very successful for our clients.Lead Generation Softwares Goal is Revenue

If you would like to know more we would love to give you a more detailed presentation of how it works. Just let us know, we’re here to help drive your business.

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