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February 2, 2012 Published by ontarget


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Men are more likely to shop with their smartphone.

Women are into techy devices these days; they purchase on it not only for fashion purposes but to communicate easily with their family and friends. They embrace smartphones according to the study of Mobile Marketer’s Outlook 2012. It has also been mentioned in a blog released currently from The Wall Street Journal that females and older mobile users were undeserved by mobile advertising globally. Women serve as a viable market and they make the majority of purchasing decisions which make them a great target mobile market. However, men started accepting and responding to mobile ads in 2011. Studies showed that 50 % of men had planned to do holiday purchases through smartphones, which is much easier than dealing with traffic and long shopping lanes during the holidays.

Today, even men do their shopping through smartphones rather than surfing online and grabbing whatever they needed. Ontarget suggest that males aged 18 – 29 be prioritized this year for they will will continue to shop using their smartphones. A recent report showed that 32 % rely on phones to make purchases and only 12% of women who belong in the same age bracket do the same.

A Different Mindset towards Mobile Ads

It has been noticed that consumers, particularly males do pay more attention to mobile ads rather than the traditional and online ads that they usually see especially if combined with ad messaging which captures more of their attention. Here are surefire ways to reach mobile male this year.

  • Include product information/prices in your mobile ads. If possible, include the prices or special pricing offers to help drive mobile conversions. Studies showed that 59% of males use their smartphones to search for better prices.
  • Target ads locally. According to recent research, 65% of young males do search for products in local stores while they are on the go. Males search information using their phones and they are ready to take action within that day according to a study conducted last year by Google.
  • Incorporate QR codes into your campaigns.
    To obtain more product information that is not usual or new to most consumers, the concept of scanning QR code on mobile phones is programmed. Younger consumers are comfortable with this action.  A research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey said that half of smartphone users have scanned a QR code.

Both male and females embrace purchasing through smartphones because they find it easier than heading straight to a retail shop. Mobiles today have programs which make it easier for consumers to browse and look at prices.  These apps make it hassle free unlike visiting different online sites. It’s not about the battle of the sexes here because both males and females recognize shopping through phones. For marketers there’s a huge potential in this field because most individuals prefer purchasing through these techy lightweight gadgets. For marketers to excel, they must penetrate and push their businesses by making it more accessible to consumers.

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