Mobile Coupon Marketing

February 10, 2012 Published by ontarget

Hand Texting

What if you could add your customers to a text message program where they receive instant offers from their favorite local location?  What if the local location could send out an offer when they had overstocked inventory, perishable items, great weather locally, just beat a local rival in a sport?  You can do all of this with mobile coupon marketing.

We can setup a centralized collection process where all your ads, local POP, etc. can direct customers to your website or Facebook page to enter their phone number and ZIP code to start receiving local instant offers via text messaging.  This can be combined with our email-marketing program so the customer has one place to control their communications profile.

Email is a great way to communicate new products, promotions, receive feedback, etc.  Text is a great tool to create instant coupons or offers based on what’s going on locally.  For example, maybe the hometown high school team just beat their archrival.  The retail manager could send a text message telling everyone in the area “We just beat _____, come by and show us this text and we’ll give you _____ at 50% off.”  Another example would be an event that’s happened locally.  Say a town nearby was just hit by a tornado.  The retail manager could text everyone in the area asking him or her to drop off items at their location.  The local store manager or director sends offers that are good for one day to those around a particular store.

A program like this brings a local feeling to a regional or national brand.  It allows the local locations to take advantage of local events to help drive more sales.  Links can be added to the text to send the user to a mobile web page to view information, watch a video, etc.

This program can replace the old fish bowl at the cash register and provide a sophisticated email and mobile marketing solution that provides a local feel.  Instead of a fish bowl the customer can just text a word and get signed up immediately.  No business cards or sign-up sheets to deal with.

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