Search Marketing is Today’s Yellow Pages

February 8, 2012 Published by ontarget



Search Marketing is Today's Yellow PagesHere are the main reasons search marketing has such a high return on investment:

*  Targeted – we can limit who sees your ad based on where they are, the day of the
week, time of day and what they’re looking for.
* Pay for Performance – you only pay when the prospects actually goes to your
website (no waste)

     * Optimization – we watch your campaign and we get rid of poor performing keywords
and search ads thus increasing your overall conversion rate which equates to a
higher ROI.
* Qualified – the only people that see your ads are those entering your keywords.  The only reason they would enter those keywords is if they want more information regarding a potential purchase.

Twenty years ago you would never think twice about placing your company in the Yellow Pages.  Today we have computers and smart phones that make it easy to search for what we’re looking for.

If you’re not maximizing your search marketing efforts or if you’re not doing it at all you need to give us a call.  Whether you use us or not I’ll make sure you understand how search marketing can drive qualified prospects to your website.  I’m not saying search marketing is the only thing you need to do but 9 out of 10 times it has the best performance of all advertising.  You’re only paying when someone clicks on the search ad and the only reason someone would click is if they were searching for your service or product.

I can’t stress enough how important search pay-per-click is for your business.  Sometimes we hear people say that they have tried it and it doesn’t work.  Almost all of those people are trying to do it by themselves.  We have seen a 100% success rate when we take over or start a campaign for clients that tried to manage their own search pay-per-click program.  You pay us a small percentage of your overall spend but our people are certified in search marketing and that’s all they do day after day.  We will always make up for our cost.

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