Are custom websites or templates better?

April 9, 2018 Published by ontarget
When choosing between a custom website design and a template, you’ll need to consider budget, scalability, features needed and design capabilities. While a template cuts out the need for a designer, it also limits where you can put certain features. A custom website design gives you an interface that is unique to your brand.  If you’re worried about making changes to a custom site, we can build in a Content Management System that makes it easy to add content, images, plug-ins and inventory. Custom websites take longer to complete, but it will be easier to code the site for SEO. Plus, you’ll be able to adapt to your company’s needs. The downside to a custom site is that it costs more money, as you employ the skills of both a developer and a designer. A custom site will be able to grow with your business, though you may have to pay a developer to make the necessary changes. The upside though is that developers for a custom site can help you when needed, since they’re familiar with the system. Downsides to templates are that not all are built to be search engine friendly and some may not work on all browsers. However, you don’t need any coding knowledge to create a template site.

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