What are different types of content?

April 9, 2018 Published by ontarget
Blogs/Guides An essential part of any content marketing strategy is having a variety of content. While blogs are the quickest type, other content options can be leveraged for lead information or to more rapidly shepherd consumers down the conversion funnel. Longform content allows you to keep a consistent readership by promising a sequel or accompanying piece of content. The best longform content is ‘ultimate guides’, though these pieces can rack up 5,000-15,000 words. Typically, they’re divided into chapters, and each chapter is given its own URL.  This makes it easier to share different pieces of content on social media and aids in SEO. Case Studies Case Studies are ideal for B2B scenarios, since these purchases are normally larger and require more research prior to purchase. These in-depth examinations tell a story about a problem you fixed, and they include a description of the issues, the steps you took to resolve it, and what results you saw from your efforts. This not only shows readers that your product or service is effective, but it also promotes transparency. White Papers/eBooks White papers are information-dense, meaning they require plenty of research. They target a specific topic and offer a solution or data. In most cases, you’ll be offering up your product or service as a solution to the problem. Ebooks are similar, except they’re published in online book format. Due to the immense scope of this content type, companies often hire freelance writers to tackle the project. Infographics Infographics take stats and translate them into a visual format, making the information easier to decipher at a glance. Infographics can be incorporated into other pieces of content and are ideal for social media platforms. We can find content that covers the same topic as your infographic and ask the publisher whether they would be interested in including your infographic in exchange for a backlink. Plus, we can add your logo at the bottom to ensure you get brand exposure every time the infographic is shared. Videos Videos are the most universally appealing type of content and the content that normally gets the most engagement. Just scroll through your Facebook Feed—it’s mostly videos! Videos are ideal for product reviews, tutorials and humorous content. According to one study, 4 times more users would prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it. Talking heads are boring—we make your videos dynamic by including sound effects, different environments and action.

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