How long does it take to see SEO results?

April 9, 2018 Published by ontarget
Unlike with paid advertising, SEO efforts can take months to come to fruition. The good part though is that the fruits are bountiful! The first couple weeks are dedicated to research, keyword strategy, planning and a website audit. Technical SEO work follows, including on-site alterations/additions, error fixes, directory listings and some content creation. If it’s discovered that the website is too much of a mess to fix, a complete website overhaul may be necessary. Because we have in-house designer and developers, this project could be completed entirely by our team. The next step is a full-on content creation strategy—I’m talking blogs, FAQs, white papers, articles, expanded product information, etc. By the end of month three, you should start seeing a jump in your organic positions, though this can be dependent on the keyword difficulty. From there, technical optimization and link development are incorporated. To speed up the process on your end, be sure to share content through your social media channels, avoid tampering with the website, and help with any company clarifications that may be required for content creation/site edits. All in all, SEO takes about 3 months to start showing results.

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