Why is a responsive website design so important?

April 9, 2018 Published by ontarget
With more users now browsing from their phone than from a desktop, it’s imperative that you have a responsive website design. Most newer templates have responsiveness built in, but those using an older template or an older custom design will need to upgrade. With a responsive site, your pages react to the size of the user’s screen, resizing photos, shifting content and changing menus to create the optimal user experience. Responsive sites adapt to any screen size—even tablets! A responsive site prevents redirects, uses standardized Style Sheets across all devices, and maintains a consistent look and feel no matter the device.  Users won’t have to worry about scrolling or zooming to complete conversions, and you save money that would go into a dedicated site for mobile devices. In addition, you’ll be able to consolidate your analytics and reporting—no more tracking conversion paths between your mobile and desktop sites! Perhaps most important of all is the fact that a responsive design benefits your search rankings. With Google’s Mobile Friendly update, sites that are mobile optimized are given a priority in the search results. To check the current responsiveness of your site, use this tool.

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