What role does SEO play in website development/design?

April 9, 2018 Published by ontarget
Search Engine Optimization ensures search queries related to your brand bring up your website in the organic results. Part of this optimization takes place on the website itself, which is where site structure, URLs and site content come into play.You want to be sure that your website has specific pages dedicated to certain queries. If you’re an ecommerce site, make sure to have pages devoted to different brands, types, colors, functions, etc. You also want to make sure that the URL includes these keywords. By changing the URL after the design and development process are already complete, you risk 404 errors and useless backlinks. Redirecting can help with this issue, but integrating SEO in the early stages saves you on time and work. You’ll want to consult an SEO specialist prior to indexing and launching your website.

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