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If you are a national, regional or franchised business that’s noticed a drop in online sales, you may need some eCommerce Website Development. Users may not be getting enough information from your product pages, finding your site in organic search results or feeling secure in your checkout process. If your eCommerce site isn’t faster, better-looking and more efficient than your competitors, they’ll go back to Google. If you don’t have an eCommerce site at all, we can start from scratch. Our eCommerce website development specialists will write category content, apply filters for searches, and ensure your media uploads don’t hinder your site speed. No matter the CMS you’re looking at, we can create a site that will meet all your needs.

What Sets Us Apart

Our eCommerce developers work in conjunction with our designers and SEO experts to craft an eCommerce website that will draw in organic traffic and keep visitors on your site. We have over 20 years of experience in eCommerce development and expertise in a variety of platforms (check out our Shopify Developers). Plus, we can easily integrate backend fulfillment. We implement data-driven solutions to discover more ways to drive revenue, ensure our clients’ success, and increase market share. more

eCommerce Website Development Benefits

Our eCommerce website development offers several advantages to make the investment worth it:

  1. You can drive traffic to your site through search engines, which is why it’s imperative to create specific product listings with product information online.
  2. You can increase your SEO and rank for product-related keywords in the search engine if your descriptions are detailed enough.
  3. You’ll be able to reduce spending that would be allocated to maintaining a store, such as hiring on employees and paying for a building.
  4. It’s much easier for users to navigate through your products as well—instead of browsing aisles, they can just search for the product on your site. Filters can also help with this process (ie: sort by color, size, type, etc.).
  5. If you have a superior product or price to your competitors, you’ll come out on top for consumers who comparison shop online or on their mobile phone.
  6. An eCommerce website allows you to display a plethora of product information that you wouldn’t be able to fit on a sign in your store.
  7. A great marketing benefit to an eCommerce site is that you gather customer information (ie: email and name) when they complete a checkout. By placing cookies on a customer’s computer, you can even gather information about who you should be targeting.
  8. An eCommerce website expands the timeframe that customers can make purchases. This means you make more sales!

Check out our blog post on eCommerce website development to learn more about how you can integrate marketing into your eCommerce site and develop a secure, mobile website.

Investing in an eCommerce website:

  • Gives you another avenue to bring in revenue
  • Expands the timeframe that customers can make a purchase
  • Helps you gather information about your customer base

eCommerce website development

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