Best Business Apps for iPad

September 19, 2013 Published by ontarget

Best Business Apps For iPadWhat are the best business apps for iPad? So much of what we do in business is presentations.  We make business presentations, sales presentations and product presentations. We believe the best business apps for iPad are the ones that help you with sales presentations. There are a few iPad sales presentation applications but not very many. Most of them have a way for the customer to tell you their order, look at the total price and sign for the order. Those are great but most companies need those sales to go through their ordering system. That makes it a custom implementation. If it’s going to be a custom iPad sales presentation application you might as well get what you truly need.

Benefits of an iPad Sales Presentation Application

  • All company users get to utilize high-end resources that are paid for and controlled by the company
  • The salesmen/saleswomen can concentrate on what they do best which is sales and not graphic design
  • New presentation materials are available instantly and updated on everyone’s iPad Sales Presentation Application
  • Consistent message to the end customer

We can create a custom iPad sales presentation application for your company. The system would allow corporate to manage a library of authorized materials (slides, graphs, videos, photos, etc.). Each salesman would be able to login from their iPad and download the resources they need and then order them as needed for a particular client. Information can be selected in the presentation and automatically sent to the client. We can also create an order process on the application where the salesman can select the client, take their order, get their signature and have the information electronic sent to the companies ERP system.

There’s a lot more that can be added but we believe in starting with the basic elements first and then add the nice-to-haves later. The iPad is becoming a business tool but unfortunately there are not a lot of business apps for the iPad that help with sales presentations. Unless the tool is integrated well with the business it just gets in the way and becomes a fun toy for the salesmen.

So if we had to pick the best business apps for iPad it would be the apps that integrate well with your business that helps you sell more of your product/service. We believe the first application should be an iPad sales presentation app. We have a foundation for this type of application already so we can offer the application on a per user cost or as a one-time cost, whichever is easier for you.

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