The Best Website Development in Kansas City

Companies talk about themselves all the time, but why not brag on some of our local KC talent? Website development in Kansas City is booming, so we thought we’d showcase some of our favorite websites from local businesses. These businesses have mastered the user experience and aesthetics of web design, […]

August 15, 2017 Published by ontarget

Coding Advice From our Head of Website Development in Kansas City

Have you ever wanted to learn how to develop but felt intimidated by the amount of experience required? You’re not alone! This post should provide some guidance into the steps that go into website development in Kansas City (ie: making a web app, making a website, etc.), resources you can […]

July 19, 2017 Published by ontarget

Website Building Software and Resizing Photos

A Guide to Website Building Software Why Do I Need a Website? Every business needs a website, because it’s the first place people look when they’re checking out your business. Not having a website is like walking around in a ski mask and asking people to trust you. They need […]

March 29, 2017 Published by ontarget

Web Development Basics

A Peek Inside a Web Developer’s Brain… Web development is any work done within the World Wide Web or intranet. It can encompass anything from developing a page of plain text to more complex, web-based applications and social network services.  Development is made up of engineering, content development, web server/network […]

February 22, 2017 Published by ontarget