3 Tips to Create Search-Friendly Content

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, SEO Almost anyone in marketing has heard of SEO but don’t know how to exactly make a search-friendly content. One expert, Lindsay Atkinson considered the clichéd saying “content is king” in a post at the Renegade Search blog. She said that “I can’t say that I’m a […]

March 7, 2012 Published by ontarget

7 Trends in Social Media & SEO for 2012

Do you have a business? Have you ever wondered what’s going to happen or what are the changes in the coming years? Often, people have their own predictions when it comes to business but major trends in social media strategies affect in businesses this year. There are companies who had […]

January 25, 2012 Published by ontarget

How to Develop a Content Strategy

CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY Content is still King.  This is one fact that everyone agrees on. In fact, it may even be more important today than it was in the past. According to the GlobalSpec Industrial Buy Cycle Survey, 83% of buyers review up to three pieces of content before making […]

October 27, 2011 Published by ontarget