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Hyper Local Marketing in 10 steps

1. Localize National brands with local physical locations typically spend more time and effort on national marketing, limiting or eliminating the local message. However, that can be a mistake. Hyper Local Marketing efforts are instrumental in driving increased local business. Many national brands that do “local marketing” rely on concatenated phrases, […]

September 3, 2012 Published by ontarget

The Importance of Online Reviews

One of the first things consumers look for when considering a purchase is a review of the product or service. They look to their peers for input and advice and trust those voices far more than your brand’s, especially if they’ve had little to no interaction with the brand. How […]

August 16, 2012 Published by ontarget

5 Opportunities with Local Advertising

5 Opportunities with Local Advertising We help our clients bring their national strategy into a local context.  It’s great when we hear from clients that want to start a local marketing program.  It’s a new channel that’s not easily understood unless you’re like us and you do this as your […]

May 14, 2012 Published by ontarget

Mobile Coupon Marketing

What if you could add your customers to a text message program where they receive instant offers from their favorite local location?  What if the local location could send out an offer when they had overstocked inventory, perishable items, great weather locally, just beat a local rival in a sport?  […]

February 10, 2012 Published by ontarget

Search Marketing is Today’s Yellow Pages

SEARCH MARKETING – PPC   Here are the main reasons search marketing has such a high return on investment: *  Targeted – we can limit who sees your ad based on where they are, the day of the week, time of day and what they’re looking for. * Pay for […]

February 8, 2012 Published by ontarget

Local Marketing with Internet and Marketing Tactics

LOCAL MARKETING with SMS TEXT, EMAIL, MOBILE, LOCAL SEARCH   Local marketing includes several different Internet and mobile marketing tactics.  This article summarizes the list of local marketing initiatives.  People in general want to belong to something and want to be treated special.  Local marketing gives that customer the idea […]

November 18, 2011 Published by ontarget